About Us

About Seiko Denki Million

SeikoDenki Million (“SKMN”) provide a wide range of excellent quality and customized wire harnesses, Injection Molding Components for Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind), Aerospace, Healthcare, Robotic and Automation Railways, Defense and other PSU’s etc. SKMN manufacture complete wire harnesses and Assemblies for all the above industries as per customer specific requirements for both Domestic and International clients.

Mr. Abdul Kader Mydeen (Managing Director) has proven track record in meeting customer expectations no matter what product and/or service is required by the customer. With his vast experience in leading diversified product and services as per customer specific requirement, Mr. Abdul Kader Mydeen and his team are dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved through our remarkable services.

Mr. M S Manzoor Ali’s (Chief Executive Officer) vast experience in sourcing and the execution of turn-key projects which has strengthened SKMN. Connecting and sourcing capabilities to deliver cost effective products to our customers. SKMN has developed a supplier base strategy to address its global and domestic requirements.